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"After moving back to Corland Bay, things have started to become more... unsettling. Your laundry always seems to go missing, creepy footsteps echo down your hallway at night, and to top it all off, your neighbour swears that she saw someone leave your apartment late last night. But hey… at least the pink-haired stranger you met at work is there to keep you safe."

14 Days With You is an 18+ romance/horror visual novel centred around Ren; a mysterious individual who seems more than obsessed with you — and is willing to do anything he can to have you.


  • Highly customisable MC (name, pronouns, and certain appearance aspects)
  • 1 main love interest (for now)
  • Waaaay too many ambience effects
  • Choices that influence the outcome of the story
  • Multiple endings (good end, neutral end, bad end)
  • 1 WHOLE DAY!!! OUT OF A TOTAL OF 14!!!!!!!
  • yes u have the option to get freaky with ren lmao

  • This game is for adults over the age of 18+! No minors allowed!
  • It involves strong language, sexual content, (potentially) eye straining text, minor screen shakes , and minor unsettling themes (typical yandere behaviour)
  • Also includes one (labelled) smut scene with Ren that can be avoided based on the choices you make
  • Like one minor jump scare (I wouldn't even call it that), everything else is vanilla
  • SPOILERS for those who wish to avoid said jump scare: it happens during his bad end. You'll know when :') Anyone could see it coming from a mile away

14DWY was originally a game I created back in 2017, but I wanted to challenge myself 5 years later to see if I could recreate and expand upon it within the timespan of a month — aaaaaand I did! …At least, to an extent. There are still some character sprites and scenes missing (you'll know what I mean if you play the demo lol), as well as outdated CGs and UI components, but I intend to redo/complete everything eventually. So for now, please just ignore the cut-short scenes and inconsistent art style :')

BGM = Wingless Seraph, Takai (音楽の卵)
Kinetic Text Tags = Wattson
Background Images = sourced from Pexels
Everything Else = me unfortunately lmao


more to be added as the game gets updated!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags18, Adult, Creepy, Dark, Dating Sim, Horror, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance, yandere
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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This is amazing! Very much looking forward to the complete 14 days <3 <3


Do you have a discord or patreon for support that I can follow?


Android,plz,l love this game


Is Ren named after the RenPy software cause he's a.... well... very good at tech shall we say? Cause if he is I got a good chuckle from the clever choice. I can't wait for all 14 days to be available!! Keep up the great work!!


love the aesthetics, the characters are fun and i'm happy to have played through most of the endings and dialogue trees without bugs or any visual issues.
i agree with others in that i dont like mc, but i can ignore them in favor of ren because ive come to like his true personality.

looking forward to playing the next 13 days, and seeing what you do with everyone<3

(3 edits) (+1)(-12)

The music is amazing, the art is that lovely soft pastel kind, and the meta concept is cool and fun-scary buuuut! The MC is unlikeable imo. They're written like everything is kind of a bother if you choose even a relatively tame negative reaction, but if you do choose to go for yandere boy, MC becomes conveniently stupid ignoring the tell-tale signs (as in, ready to jump on that d*ick kind of stupid). The latter is perhaps acceptable for convenience but maybe change how they narrate so they don't sound so judgey or at least so they sound more neutral? If they choose certain options THEN make them more inclined to narrate in a certain way, is what I suggest. Additionally, maybe not make it so that even though the narration is in first person they somehow have eyes on the back of their head (i.e. "I didn't notice him hungrily trailing his eyes on my behind", etc.). First person narratives should only encompass things that the narrator themselves notice with us, being the player, picking things up on the background for context clues. Lastly, I know the guy is a yandere and all, but maybe make his advances and actions a little less obviously desperate. I mean, I know he is desperate but him getting what he wants hinges on him acting... not so creepily into us after we literally just got home invaded. The option to have him over at our place after Violet warns me about a break-in had me internally screaming (more of in panic). A tip I can suggest to ensure the dialogue is more subdued and manipulative is this: if the yandere boy were replaced with someone not-so-handsome, would the lines be interpreted as creepy af? Could anyone irl be able to get away with saying that shite without being branded a creep? Unless the plan is he's edited even how we respond and narrate so he could get his best endings as easily as possible.

That aside, this critique was made in mind cuz I really want it to succeed. It's such a nice concept and you're only early on the story so I wanna see it work. Best of luck to you!

(1 edit) (+7)

I don't agree with most of this, but I have to admit that I also thought MC was a bit judgy and grumpy by default. It's not a big deal! But I did notice it. 

Would I love having a less... judgmental and tired of people MC? Yes, but really the game is so perfect in everything else that I don't really mind. It's more of a personal preference than a critique of any kind! <3 

Still the best yandere game, and best yandere (Ren<3) I've come across. I highly recommend everyone to check out the Tumblr and Curioscat, the author is hilarious and we get fed SO well!       

GO!✺◟( ⑅❛ั ᴗ ❛ั ⑅)◞✺GO!

PS: Also, we have to remember that the dev is doing all of this for FREE! We really can't ask more of her, like. FOR FREE? We get 14 Days with Renren for FREE? dies, but comes back to life to keep playing


IMO the MC doesn't seem that bad to me. Sure they do come across as conveniently stupid, but most visual novel MCs are like that so this trope is nothing new. Unfortunately for most visual novel writers(?), there are only two options: either portray the MC to be dumb as rocks so that they miss all the tell-tale signs and the story can naturally progress, or portray the MC as an intellectual who figures out everything straight away, thus killing the mystery of it all. I personally find it boring when the MC can figure things out straight away, because sometimes it takes me a while before things finally click in my brain. I love feeling that "oh sh*t!" moment, and if the MC figures it out before me then it ruins the anticipation. I also didn't really find the MC to be all that judgy ( okay, maybe just a little bit ), and if anything, it made them feel more relatable as a character and seemed almost like they had an actual personality. If they were neutral about everything ( until we make a choice ) I feel like that'd be too bland, overdone, and boring. ( "Oh a banana. Do I like them?" compared to "I haven't had a banana in a while, maybe because of the texture. Do I still like them?" ) I agree that the first-person view should only encompass context clues and things the MC should see,  but I didn't even pick up on it until you mentioned it TBH. Finally, I understand where you're coming from with the whole 'toning down on the desperateness of the male lead', but at the end of the day he is a yandere, and it's in their nature to act that way. They're meant to be obsessed and creepy, and I don't think I've ever heard of a yandere that wasn't meant to be portrayed in that manner, regardless if they're conveniently attractive or not.

(1 edit) (+1)

Could i get some help on downloading this on a MacOS? anytime i click on the file '14 Days With You' all i get is a notification that I cant open the game because the developer can't be identified. ;-; I need help-

Edit: I was able to fix this! you just need to go into security & privacy and press 'allow anyway' Hope this helps other people like me!

hey! so I went to the security & privacy section and pressed on general  but I still cant see the allow anyway option :( is there anything that I'm doing wrong?

its supposed to show up near the bottom of general, maybe try opening 14dwy first, get the notification, and then check to see if at the bottom of the general tab if it says anything different


there are so many cimments so idk if someone's translated the code already but it was a nice touch, I noticed after closing the gamr=e and I didn't save before blocking ren's number so I payed through the whole thing so I could punch it into a converter by hand I love stuff like that pleeeeeaaaase do more little treats like that! it's all fun and cute by itself I just feeling like I did something cool like the characters


if you don't wanna do it yourself they say "hi angel" "error" and "I SEE YOU"


this game is everything oh my god -- i had a ton of fun playing thru all the endings,, i love this game sm


I honestly think this game is amazing! I am a sucker for Yandere. I can't wait to see the full version coming out ♥


I love the layout of this VN, especially the small things in the menu. I cant wait to see the full version of the game. 


are we going to get a female yandere at anypoint?


First of all, the aesthetic of this game is everything to me, it must have taken a long time to program that (if I could guess lol) and my god is it worth it because it is *chefs kiss* I absolutely love looking at the GUI and everything literally spent a few minutes marvelling at it lmao. Secondly, the artstyle??? It's so nice and pretty I loved everyone! (my bias is Ren but shh) I seriously love how you drew them to be so expressive and it meshing well with the art-- Seriously. Third, the characters I love the unique quirks you gave them, I absolutely love the quirks of Violet because girl, I would share custody with her plants if it meant I too could get in her world and enable her plant buying hobby ahahaha. Oh and also help Elanor because girl needs it, we could both be dumbass motherly characters to one another and while I know that similar personalities can repel one another I just honestly see each other working out as friends. Lastly, the story??? So far I've been on what I can assume is the good route where I'm amiable towards Ren but even then the writing is so good and how you built up Ren was so good with him showing conflicting personalities, mysterious goals, and slip ups he somehow is able to cover up. So curious to see the slow unraveling of Ren's act, hopefully I survive through my first run if something chaotic happens....

Great game! I am soooo looking forward to anymore shenanigans that'll happen and I'm very much looking forward for any murder mysteries that'll pop up due to the lore of the world!! Goodluck and I wish you all the best!



I like how the game gives a heads up twice about just how big ren is I'm well aware now teehee~


Holy hell i just played this game for youtube content and i cant wait for day 2!! I know you arent paywalling the game but i would totes buy it, Ren is so cute idgohysöl

Question though, is this supposed to happen bc we didnt kiss him?

IDK but it happened to me too the first time vdasbjk


pls i'm so looking forward to day 2 and so so so relieved when u said ur never gonna paywall the game :'''')

(1 edit) (+1)

when this is finished I would so buy this from you. I played the demo and already fell for this game.

edit: the sex scene i got - OH my gosh! hes adorable and i love him.


not into dating sims all that much but this was like SO interesting i cant wait for the full game!!


your game is like one of the best ive seen so far, nice work! i can't wait for further updates/the full version <3 :)


wow, i really impressed with the plot and the artwork. It's beautiful. Can't wait to the the full verson <3

Hello wonderful people, I'm sorry if this has already been asked but could I ask if it's known when the game will be updated or if the complete version is on the way? Thank you very much to whoever will answer :)


Hi! It will be updated, thou don't personally know about the date. But the creator is working on it and constantly engages with the community. I think they plan to update the game with each day until day 7, and then they will later update with a complete version with 14 days. But that's just based on my memory, I might be very wrong or have outdated info.

There is a lot more info that you can find on their Curious Cat and Tumblr pages, and ask questions, so I hope this helps!

Thank you very much! It was actually really helpful :) I'll make sure to check then.


I thoroughly enjoyed it! ^^ I like the art style a lot and the backgrounds feel polished 👍

Ren trying to be what he thinks is player's taste, but bugging out breaking out of the veneer from time to time may be canonically creepy/off-putting(?) but it is SO hot lol 👀 (when he becomes dominant all of a sudden, *clUTCH CHEST*) gap moe or not, it is working

thank you so much for the option to skip nsfw, it's great that players with various tastes can enjoy it how they like ! :D

Android,plz ╰(*°▽°*)╯ (i like this game but i dont have 🍎 or 🖥 QwQ)

You can try playing the game using Joiplay!


is the full game out? (^///^)


i am....down bad...

he's just so ughkjflsm and the sex scene omg-

your artwork is so so beautiful!! i'm already so invested in the story and can't wait for more ren uwu


Played this... then played again, then once more with saves this time to see the other dialogue for the different clothing and spicy options and then sent the link to my friends who also love a good yandere VN so I won't be alone in my new obsession. Cannot wait for the next part!

What do you mean dialogue for the different clothing? :O

The outfit choice can trigger different dialogue for Ren or the other characters depending on what you pick


Laundry goes missing? In a household wherein everyone has ADHD? Shocker (in all seriousness I love this game)


I can't express how much I lovveee this game! It has so many elements I look for in a game and the 18+ scene was so good I had to play it twice! I truly can't wait for more in the future :)


I love this game qwq I'm really looking forward for further development!

I fell in love with Ren


i loved this game SO MUCH!

i'm not a huge fan of the genre but i got attracted because of the story and the art and i already tried to get the different endings haha 

the dialogues and the story are super well written and they don't feel heavy at all, they're super interesting and you want to keep reading more! patiently waiting for more days! :D


i love the small details you've added in the demo!! i didn't save the game on my first playthrough so i went ahead and chose the same name and pronouns. didn't expect a change of ren's monologue before the game started :O i also went out of my way to get the bad ending - i knew it was coming but the sound and atmosphere of the game still made me jump when the little jumpscare happened haha!

all in all, thoroughly loved Day 1. i hope you'll continue to work on this :)


Oh wow,wow!!WOW!This was so hot and such👏a👏 ride👏! I have to say this already checks out most of stuff I am into lol (Tall man, Obsessive/Possessive Dom etc.) and daaamn this was amazing. I am certainly a fan. Now if you will excuse, I will be camping here and waiting for more like Hachiko. Can’t wait to let myself be completely taken by Ren :3


I think i love every part of this game. Especially Ren, 10/10! Also idk why but i cant stop thinking that he remainds me of Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki in a way. It could be because of the hairstyle. lol But he still looks so cute and i cant wait to see the other days with him! ^^

(1 edit) (+15)

let me tell you something...the sex scene with Ren... 

Deleted 38 days ago

You don't know how happy I am that this is free.

(1 edit)

Does Ren have snake bites? or are those moles/beauty marks?


Utterly poggers game so far, looking forward to more days! 

(1 edit) (+4)

yes i absolutely saw the bad end jumpscare coming. did i still shriek? also yes. "don't worry MC, i won't let you get my bad ending! ^^" my ass. he straight up gave me heart palpitations

if he did something to plant goddess violet and work wife elanor...jail.

seriously though, i really liked this! you scattered hints that were clear enough for us as players to spot the warning signs, but subtle enough for us as the character to overlook or flat out not notice.

also, i'm not sure where to put spelling errors and bugs, so i'll leave them here for now!

  • Well, it Looks like I'm going to be busy for the next few weekends...
    • I think "Looks" isn't supposed to be capitalized
  • Figuring that was my queue to leave
    • I think "queue" is supposed to be "cue"
  • Jokes on him though,
    • I think "Jokes" is supposed to be "Joke's"
  • dangle off of his arm half-hazardly
    • I think "half-hazardly" is supposed to be "haphazardly"
  • And whatever this is:

can't wait to see more of this game! i'm sure the fact that ren's favorite item is a sledgehammer won't come back to haunt us


This game is honestly amazing!! It's everything I love perfectly bundled together <3 I'm going to gladly keep supporting and awaiting updates I think I've fell in love haha


wahhh thank you sm!! I'm happy to hear that! ;w; ♡


OMG! I'm addicted to Ren. And that sex scene was *chef kiss*. Don't get me started on the dialogue in that scene. The art is gorgeous and the chracters are amazing. I don't even write reviews but I'll do it for your game. So freaking good! I can't wait for another update.


aaAAAaaa brb crying real quick ;v; I'm honoured to be your first review!! I don't think I follow anyone on here yet, so you can be my first lmao

But for real though, thank you so much for the kind words! ♡


This game is phenomenal! The art is already the most gorgeous I've EVER seen and the music fits every scene so perfectly!

And Ren, whoo, he's a cutie alright and I love that he's just a good actor and hiding a mess of stuff. He's literal eye candy and I love lookin' at 'em! Even when he's being creepy, it's irresistible ♥

There's also a LOT of game already here for just a demo, I'm only half sure if I got all the endings, the full game is gonna blow people away!

Everything is so wonderfully written, and natural, and fun to read. Excellent game, I will make a video of it on my channel soon as it was requested by a few people. Excellent work! I hope more people get to play this!


Wahh thank you so much! Your comment has literally left me in a puddle of my own tears right now ;v;

Even if you don't make a video for the demo, please feel free to share your channel here so I can watch your videos and support you as well! ♡


You're very welcome! This game is incredibly made and GORGEOUS! Here is my channel .

It is very silly and has many fictional boyfriends, I hope you enjoy it!


I have finally uploaded my playthrough! I broke it into about 3 parts that I'll upload every couple days cuz I hate making hour long videos, I hope you enjoy and that I've done your wonderful game justice! I will admit that I didn't record the 18+ option at ALL because Youtube scares me, but I played it on my own and OMGosh that is so beautifully written!! And the picture of Ren (fans self) LOVE IT!


I really enjoyed the game...

and with Ren.... Uhmm....

I really enjoyed the game! Looknng forward for further development!! :D


thank you!! ^^ ♡

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